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Please see below for information about our curriculum. Information is also included in our Parent Handbook and, as always, we are happy to talk to you about any aspect of our curriculum. Please speak to your child’s teacher or contact us on 01207 232445.

Curriculum Aims, Vision and Intention

At South Stanley Infant & Nursery School, our curriculum is carefully planned and continuously evaluated to ensure that all children are able to get the most from their time in our school.

Through our curriculum, we want children to be able to make as much progress as possible and leave our school with a developing set of skills which ensure that they can be successful in the next stage of their educational journey, in their community and when engaging with the wider world.

We aim, through our curriculum, to ensure that our children develop pride in themselves, in their school and in their community and, as citizens of the world, develop understanding, respect and tolerance for people and communities that may differ from their them and thier own community. Our curriculum is planned to develop children’s resilience, to develop their sense of responsibility to themselves and others and to foster a positive mind-set. We want our children to recognise fairness and know that they have a voice and are listened to.

Our curriculum is planned to include opportunities for children to extend their knowledge, to develop understanding of the vocabulary required to access the curriculum and have opportunities to put their knowledge into context through their own hands on experiences. Visitors and visits also enrich the curriculum by providing opportunities to give meaning to learning undertaken and provide opportunities to enrich our children’s experiences.

Basic skills are at the heart of what we do. Reading fluency and enjoyment, mathematical fluency and confidence, oral vocabulary development and social skills development, such as good manners,  and being able to work cooperatively, have high priority in our curriculum and contribute to our children’s success across the whole curriculum.

Curriculum Plans

What our children learn in each academic year

Our Curriculum Plans provide an overview of each area of learning our children will undertake for every half term.  These include the topics we are working on, the learning that will be covered and the types of activities we will be taking part in.  To view our website overviews for parents/carers click on the relevant link below:

Our whole school

Curriculum Library

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Relationship Education
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Design & Technology

Reading Cloud Challenge

To encourage your child to read at home to you every night we have developed a Reading Cloud reading challenge in school.  Every time they read at home and you sign the home reading record book they will move along our reading clouds.


Every Tuesday afternoon, your child will receive a reward to celebrate their achievement of reading for the previous week (Tuesday to Tuesday).  We do understand that it is not always possible to read every night but as a school we do expect your child to read at least three times a week and five times if possible.



We cannot underestimate the contribution homework makes to your child’s development. Not only this, but parental or family involvement in homework inspires and motivates our children to achieve.  We encourage you to help with homework and welcome you at our Homework Clubs. This is a fantastic opportunity to share in their learning and gain a greater understanding of what they are working on in school.

Reception homework is sent out every Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday.

Key Stage 1 homework is sent out every Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Monday.

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Black Sky

WOW Stars

We know our children achieve amazing things at home as well as school and encourage parents to share them with us.  We greatly value our parent’s voice.

Children will bring WOW cards home with them which parents and families are invited to write details, no matter how big or small, about their child’s WOW moments at home. 


This could be anything from eating all of their meal, to trying new foods, helping to tidy up to a sporting achievements, independently tying their laces to overcoming a fear.  Whatever it is, we want to hear from you so we can celebrate in school.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At South Stanley Infant & Nursery School, we believe that inclusive education means providing all pupils with appropriate education and support alongside their peers. The Curriculum is all the planned activities that the school organises in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. Further information can be found in our SEND Information Report.

If you would like to discuss your child’s SEND needs please contact the school.

Remote Learning

Click here to access our Remote Learning Policy.

For more information about our Curriculum

To find out more about the Curriculum we follow please do not hesitate to contact you child’s class teacher or our Main Office on 01207 232445.

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