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Welcome to
South Stanley Infant & Nursery School

A very warm welcome to the South Stanley Infant and Nursery School Website.

Our website aims to give you a flavour of our school, keep you informed about future events and to share and celebrate highlights of past events that we think you would find interesting.

At the centre of our ethos here at South Stanley Infant and Nursery School is the simple belief that all of our pupils deserve the very best educational opportunities available to them. We believe that our pupils are entitled to an education that allows them to develop a sense of curiosity about the wider world, enables them to develop into responsible, caring citizens and importantly…ensures that they love coming to school to learn.

We encourage all of our pupils to aim to be the very best versions of themselves and encourage them always to believe in themselves. We subscribe to the motto of ‘whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t then you’re probably right’ and we develop that ethos in our pupils.


Our SSIN values are at the centre of what we do. In all we do in school, we encourage our pupils to:


Stay safe

Show respect

Include everyone

Never give up

We think our school is a very special place; we are extremely proud of it and all we achieve together and of course the most important opinions are those of the children in school.


Here is a sample of what they have to say about our school:

The best thing about our school is learning a lot. I love doing science experiments where I pretend to be a scientist . I like all the teachers because they help me learn and they are sometimes a bit crazy when they sing and dance to help us learn.


Break times are the best in our school as I get to play with my friends. We have lots of exciting and fun climbing equipment. The Monkey Bars are my favourite because I like to challenge myself to swing further.


My favourite thing at our school is all the sports we get to do. I love sports. We get to play tag football and fun games with my friends and sometimes with other schools. I wish I did PE all the time. All of my teachers are great at PE especially when they try to beat us.


I love playing with my friends at playtime on the climbing equipment. I think we should get some more bikes so we can challenge each other. In school I love reading to my teachers and they always ask me lots of questions to help me think.


After our recent Parent Open Afternoons parents had the opportunity to leave comments in our Comments Book. Here is a small selection of what our parents have to say:

Loved open afternoon and creating memories with my child and experiencing my child’s learning activities in his classroom.

I am a very proud parent of this school and love the support teachers give children and parents.

Had a great afternoon in my child’s classroom, watching him play and counting. Lovely to see him in his school environment.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for regular updates about events in school.

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Mrs Louise Thompson


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