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School Council

Our Aims

  • We will work together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible by discussing ideas and making decisions.

  • We will make pupils feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.

  • We will listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.

  • We will work hard to make our world a better place.


Our Members

Every year we hold elections to choose two representatives from each class. Children are nominated and voted for fairly. They are chosen by their peers for their ability to listen to others, their care and concern for our school, and their sensible attitudes. Mrs Collier is the teacher who supports the School Council.

Check back soon to meet our new school council and to read all about the exciting projects coming up. In the meantime, check out some our previous events and visits below.

Previous School Council Projects

PACT House Visit

This year we decided that all the generous donations from our Harvest Festival would be donated to PACT House a Community Project in Stanley.

It was a pleasure to meet Paula and her team, and we felt really proud to be part of helping people our local community who really need it.  A massive thank you to all our families for helping us to do that.  We look forward to working with PACT House again in the future.

Getting in touch

If you would like to know anything more about our School Council, their work or have any ideas you would like us to consider, please come and see Mrs Fagan or any of our School Council members.

Thank you to our previous School Councils.

Have a look at some of the wonderful projects our previous School Council’s have undertaken by clicking on the PDF’s below.

Newspaper March 2018
Newspaper Scoop March 2018

Newspaper April 2017
Newspaper December 2016
Food Drive 2016

Newspaper March 2016
Newspaper Day March 2016
We want your ideas Feb 2016

School Newspaper December 2015
Litter pick December 2015

Project Play February 2014

Healthy Heights May 2014

Spiderman opens playground January 2015

Friendship Afternoon February 2015

Skyping Annfield Plain School Council 2015

We Raced for Life 2015

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