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Curriculum Enrichment

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At South Stanley Infant & Nursery School, we believe that children learn best when they are interested, inspired and motivated to learn. With that in mind, we draw on the knowledge and skills of others by welcoming regular visitors into school who broaden and deepen our children’s knowledge and understanding. We also believe that taking children on visits to important historical, geographical and cultural locations enriches our children’s experiences and helps to develop a more rounded child.

We hope that you enjoy looking at our photographs and reading about some of the exciting things that we have done at our school in previous years. Look out for exciting updates coming soon!!


Yoga can benefit children in so many ways ! Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too and has it an impact on their health and well being too .

Yoga is good for building up muscle strength for children in a fun and engaging way . Yoga helps increase flexibility and helps with children’s balance and co ordination too . It also teaches children how to manage their emotions as we teach them breathing techniques that can help them stay calm .

Yoga has been proven to help improve concentration and focus too.
Yoga can help boost children’s immune systems too so it has a positive  impact on their health too .
We teach children the importance of mental health and we do postive affirmations about ourselves to help embed this in children .

We finish our sessions with relaxation a really important part of our session where relax our whole bodies and as the children say ‘go to their Kalma place ‘

Check out the Kalma Kids Website for more information

Paws and Read Therapy Dogs

Every Thursday we are very lucky to be joined by the wonderful David and Ben the therapy dog. 


Ben and David are part of the charity Therapy Dogs and their program ‘Paws and Read’.  Paws are read is a scheme which has been recognised by The Kennel Club. 


We are so lucky to be have David and Ben coming into our school as it has been found that reading to a dog benefits children by improving their confidence and self-esteem and reading achievement. 

Beamish Museum

Year 2 had the most amazing time at Beamish!  We started the day by visiting the pit village where we spent some time going down into the coal mine to see what life would have been like for miners many years ago.  It was really dark and damp and we found out that the miners had to lie on their tummies to get the coal from the walls of the mine, the only light they had was from a small lamp so it was really difficult to see.  We enjoyed learning about life in the mines but decided we definitely wouldn't have liked to be around in those days because boys as young as 12 had to work down there!

Our favourite part of the day was when we went to the old Victorian school, we were met by a Victorian school teacher who was extremely strict.  We weren't allowed to speak unless she asked us a question and when we did speak, we had to call her 'Ma'am'  We had to sit on benches in the classroom and copy things from the black board, we didn't have exercise books to work in like we do in our school though, we had to write on a piece of slate, it was really tricky!  We really enjoyed our Victorian lesson but decided that we liked our teachers at our school a lot more than the ones from the Victorian era!

We then had some time in the town, where we were able to visit the Dentist and looked at all of the instruments used by the Dentist many years ago, they looked a bit scary!  We also saw some really old false teeth!  We visited the shops and found out how you paid in those days, people didn't use cards like they do now, you had to pay with coins and the shop worker put them inside a wooden ball which was then sent up a tube to the cashiers office, the cashier would then put your change back in the ball and send it back down to the shop worker, it was very complicated. 

One of our favourite things from the day was riding on the tram, it was really bumpy and we bounced about a bit as we travelled along, but we loved it!  Some of us even got to ride on the open top and we waved at everyone we passed!

We all agreed that our trip to Beamish had been the best day ever!

Punctuation Man

We were so lucky to be visited by the amazing Punctuation Man! We had so much fun learning about capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks (amongst other things!) Laughing and learning together is what we do!


What an amazing few weeks we have enjoyed working with Refuse to reduce our food waste! Ably supported by Refuse staff and volunteers, our 'Waste Warriors;' have audited, action planned and taken real action to ensure that we understand the impact of throwing away food and work to help our environment by reducing food waste!

Odd Sock Day

Aren't we all unique! We enjoyed starting anti-bullying week by wearing our 'odd socks' to celebrate diversity, how we are all individuals and how much we enjoy celebrating being us!

Tiny Tweeties

Reception class were so lucky today as Tiny Tweeties came to pay us a visit. Tiny Tweeties are a company who provide live music and singing for early years children. Class 2 and 3 loved singing along with the guitar, dancing with the autumn leaves and playing the musical instruments. We hope they come again soon.


In our school, we work together to help each other. Our Rights Respecting Team (RRT) visited St Stephen's in South Stanley, the home of South Stanley Partnership, who also work together to help the community. 


Our RRT talked to Zoe and learned about what St Stephen's do and how the help the community. After the visit, our RRT came back to school and led an assembly to tell the rest of school about what St Stephen's do and how our school community could help them. 


We wrote letters to our grown ups and asked them (if they could) to send in things for St Stephen's community table and larder for our Harvest celebrations. 


The grown ups were so kind and sent tins, nappies, baby food, pet food and lots of other things that St Stephen's told us that people in the community might need. 


We all worked together to help one another - isn't that wonderful!


If you want to learn a little bit more about St Stephen's and the work they do, please visit their website or their Facebook page.

St Stephen's Visit

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