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School Buddies

Our school operates a school buddy system at lunchtimes and playtimes.

We are a small and friendly school with a family environment and we encourage those family values by giving all children the opportunity to become a playground buddy when they are in Year 2. The benefits of the system so far have been:

  • to encourage children to take responsibility

  • to actively care for and look out for other children

  • to try and ensure that all children are free from loneliness or isolation at playtimes and lunchtimes

  • to encourage children to form a variety of friendships with both older and younger pupils

  • to encourage participation in a variety of traditional and modern playtime games and activities

  • to encourage high levels of self esteem and confidence in all our pupils as valued members of our school family


School buddies work in threes each playtime and lunchtime. There is a rota in operation. Each buddy is identified by wearing a buddy hat. They assist in many ways, some of these are:

  • helping children who have fallen over

  • getting out and putting away playtime equipment

  • sorting out playground disagreements fairly

  • encouraging shy children to join in or simply keeping them company

  • alerting staff when there are problems

  • setting a good example by caring for others


Come back soon to meet our current buddies!

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