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Early Language Support

Talking and communication make up a huge part of a child’s early development. Even before they are born children are listening to the world of words around them. From birth, babies chatter and babble and we talk back to them. As babies grow into toddlers then children, they make sense of the world around them through communicating with grown-ups and other children.

Being able to use and understand the spoken word gives children the tool to explore, learn, share ideas, make sense of the world and we can help our children to become expert communicators is so many ways. We talk to them, ask questions, introduce them to new words, read with them, share experiences. All of this wonderful support grown ups give to children help them understand and use spoken language.

This section of our website signposts you to some very useful websites which will provide you with lots of helpful information, ideas and games and what to do if you are concerned about your child’s communication skills.

Happy chatting everyone!

Start4Life – Learning to talk 3 to 5 years old
Words for life – milestones for your six month old baby
Literacy Trust – Tips for talking to your baby and young child

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