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Kinetic Letters - Slider Family

The Slider Family Story

One exciting day the magician waves his wand and takes Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey to see the snow! 

Skip the Scared Monkey finds a snowy mountain slope and says 'I can slide down and slide up'.  When he does this he can make the letters v, w, x and z. 

Bounce the Brave Monkey goes to help the baby penguins who have lost their beaks!  The penguins stand in line whilst the monkey fixes them back on and this makes the k!

FDAD7577B93342D782EC73E185F80774 5.png

v - slide down, slide up

w - slide down, slide up, slide down, slide up

 x - slide down (pen off) slide down

z - push across, slide down, push across

k - down-bump (pen off) slide in, slide out

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